Get Hot, and find your Sweet Spot

What’s the Buzz at Hive Wellbeing?

We pride ourselves on being a studio promoting a sense of community and wellbeing.
We offer you an experience where we sweat, challenge ourselves and improve self-esteem. Our goal is to help people continue to do the activities they enjoy in their daily lives without pain, difficulty, or fear. Our classes, both Yoga and Pilates will improve your strength, range of mobility, and confidence. No matter what stage of life you are at, or what your goals are, a regular consistent practice, with an open mind and no ego will give you so many benefits, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We focus on what will be beneficial to you as an individual and create a positive state of mind every time we hit the mat. We’re here to laugh, enjoy and not take ourselves too seriously.

Hive Wellbeing is a bright, clean studio with a great sense of community. Our teachers are passionate and inspiring. They will help you have the ultimate yoga and Pilates practice. From first time to advanced, everyone is welcome. Our class styles are completely beginner friendly, we highly recommend you start with the 21-Day Unlimited Trial Pass and try all our class styles. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Classes at Hive Wellbeing

Hive Wellbeing offers classes in Bikram Yoga, Hot Pilates, Warm Yin Yoga, Hot Barre Pilates and Warm Vinyasa flow Yoga.

Hot Barre Pilates

Warm Vinyasa Flow Yoga