Come with an open mind and have fun!


What to Expect

  • Wear light and fitted clothes – we need to see your knees! Ladies: Wear a sports bra, crop top or sports singlet, shorts or leggings. Guys: Running shorts or biker shorts, or Speedos if you are racy enough!
  • Avoid long track pants and heavy t-shirts (our room is 40°C – hot!)
  • Bring a large towel for class, and another one for showering after class if you wish. Bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water. All available for hire or purchase.
  • As a guideline, avoid eating 2-3 hours before class. Bikram Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. However, everyone is different and some people find they feel better not eating for 4 hours before class whereas others need a piece of fruit or an energy bar an hour beforehand. You will soon work out what works for you and what your body needs.
  • Be well hydrated before and after class! If practising in the evening, try to drink 2 to 3 litres during the day. If practising a 6.00 am class, try to hydrate the night before. After your practise, drink more.
  • Please wash off any perfume or makeup prior to class.
  • This should be obvious: No drugs or alcohol are to be consumed prior to class.
  • Classes are 90 minutes long and you are expected to remain in the room for the duration. If you need a break, that’s perfectly fine, you don’t have to do all the postures in your first few classes. Initially, it’s about getting acclimatised to the heat and familiar with the postures.
  • Please inform your teacher of any injuries, medical conditions or allergies you may have.
  • If you are pregnant and have not practiced Bikram Yoga before or do not have a regular practice, now is not the time to start. We look forward to you joining us a while after you have given birth but you must get permission from your doctor first and always follow his/her advice. If you are breast-feeding, please feed/express before class. Let your teacher know if you have had a baby within the last 6 months and/or are breast-feeding.

Yoga Etiquette

  • Please leave your shoes at the front entrance – the studio is a barefoot environment.
  • Arrive early – class starts and ends on time – and the front doors are locked when the class has begun.
  • Please turn all mobile phones off or put them on silent, and leave them in the changing rooms.
  • Perfumes and heavy scents are amplified in the yoga room so please save them until after class.
  • Feel free to chat with your friends in the reception area and changing rooms.
  • Please enter the yoga room quietly and maintain silence inside.
  • During class, follow the instructions from your teacher. Try the postures the right way and you will receive 100% benefit of the posture.
  • If you need to, kneel down and take a break. Join back in when you are ready.
  • Respect your teacher and fellow students and do your best to stay in the yoga room. If an emergency requires you to leave, please leave and re-enter between postures.
  • Try to remain focused on your own practice, and maintain stillness in between postures.
  • Enjoy the peace and energy you’ve created for yourself!